i love my girls because……….

they get excited about green finger nail polish, every time I look at them I see a little piece of me, they are truely blessings, when they are three they say cute things like “mom she blessed youd on me”, they get excited about mom’s new furniture finds, their smile’s light up a room, and because they are sweet, simple, and kind.

I was so bummed about the rain this weekend.  I had so many great ideas for all my sessions.  We grilled out in the garage this afternoon and I had an idea.  Lets try my new chair!  So I moved it to the very edge of the garage and my girls took turns posing for me in it.  I stood out in the rain and ran in between shots.  I had so much fun!  My girls were so nice to humor me.  I absolutely LOVE all of the shots (maybe it is my mommy glasses) and I want you all to remember these were taken in my garage!  So if you think there is no where to take good pictures at your house think of my dirty messy garage!


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