My sweet bean

I call my oldest daughter Sawyer “bean” all the time.  The other day when I was volunteering in her classroom at school I called her “bean” and the kids are all “who is bean”  Very sweet.  Tonight I put the girls to bed and she came out of her room and was just standing by me as I was editing pictures.  I asked her to go back to bed and she said “Can’t I just stay and watch you do your pictures mom?”  I thought that was so sweet that she just wanted to watch me.  She commented on all the images and was guessing the ages of all the kids.  It was really very sweet.  Then she said something I will never forget.  My sweet daughter said “Mom these kids are really lucky to have you to take their pictures”  I stopped what I was doing and turned to her and asked “Why do you say that?”  She replied “Because you are so special”  Melt my heart!  Well bean I am really lucky to have you in my life because you are so very special to me–mom.

This image is from my step sister’s wedding this past weekend.  I love that you can see her newest missing front tooth.

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