{Beautiful Couple….so excited for their baby}

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I feel so privileged to be able to document families milestones…especially the arrive of this couple first baby.

Kim you are glowing!


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I just love this picture..I love how big brother’s hand is on little brothers head…such a sweet moment.


{Newborn special}

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Super excited to announce all newborn sessions include 25 custom birth announcements for a limited time.  That is a $75 value.  Book your session now!!!  Baby Bennett is in the studio tomorrow…stay tuned for some adorable baby pictures…



{Mr “A” on the blog}

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I have been photographing Mr A for a few  years now and he is getting so big.  He always comes dressed so cute and just knows how to connect with the camera.  It is so wonderful to get the opportunity to continue to photograph clients year after year and I appreciate the trust they put in me to capture these moments.



{I did it…tried to make the Pinterest Treat}

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Well here in my spin on the recipe in the entry below.  I like it not love it.  It was time consuming and I flipped it over too soon so the bottom stuck to the wax paper and the cream came out so you had to eat it with a fork,  but who does not like chocolate cake with frosting and cream..fork or no fork!  Hope you are all having a fabulous Sunday.  It is cold, but at least the sun is out!



{Valentines Day Treat}

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I love love love Valentine’s Day…I love everything about it especially all the fun treats to make.  I found this one on face book and had to share. I am trying it for sure.  I’m pretty sure I will fail in the presentation, but I bet it will still taste amazing!!!  Let me know if you try it and send pictures.  I will post some here for sure.




cream filled chocolate cake


Happy Baking.




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This looks so good…I want to try it…I am in love with chocolate.  I think I would make it dark chocolate though…what do you think?

Flourless Chocolate Cake

Happy Wednesday that feels like Monday because the kiddos are back in school…yes!!

{Random Thoughts}

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I have really wanted to start to blog more and cannot seem to come up with anything I think anyone will really want to read about..seriously who would want to listen to my random thoughts?  Most of my random thoughts are about work ( how to be more successful) or my girls (am I doing a good job raising them) or food (I really just want to eat bread all day, but I CANNOT so how can I make bread healthy…I CANNOT) or exercise (should I be working out more…NO…but I don’t like my muffin top..ugh…bread!)  See where I am going with this???

So while I was on Face Book today I came across a post about volunteering and taking your mind off your self and focusing on others.  Which clearly I need to do.  Check out this website.  You can find local organizations that need volunteers.  It is on my to do list this week.  You can search for groups you have interest in and time commitments that work for  you.  Please let me know if any one has used this before.  I would love to know about your experience.

Happy Tuesday Everyone and stay warm!


{Website Incorrect}

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It has been a long time since I have blogged and I promise to get better at it.  It is my 2014 resolution!!  Instead of losing weight or eating healthier I want to blog more…more realistic resolution for me :)  I am in the process of changing websites and changing serves and it has been a nightmare.  Not quite sure why companies have to make this so difficult.  So that being said when you click on the link to enter my site it is my website, information and pictures from 2007/2008.  While it is fun for me to look at how much my clients have grown and see pictures again that I have not looked at in years,  it really does not display my current work and style.  So please please click on over to my face book page.  Hopefully I can get this resolved quickly or maybe my new site will be up sooner than later :)

If you have not seen my Valentines Day Special I’m posting it here.



It is no secret I LOVE Valentines Day! I love all the red and pink and all the adorable decorations! I love making my girls Valentines to hand out at school. It is a great way to personalize their Valentines and be unique. I love it all and I want to share the love 

So come in your pink, red, gray, purple or what ever Valentines Day outfits and or accessories you have and let’s have fun!

When: January 26th 10:00-12:00
What: 15 min mini session at the studio

$179 for 30 5×7 Valentines Day Photo cards (one sided printed on photo paper with envelopes) and 2 5×7′s


Did the holidays get away from you and you never had pictures taken or not really wanting Valentines Day pictures then this might be just for you.

$449 for 5 digital images on DVD with printing rights.

These sessions are not for 3 months old or younger children and are designed for one child. You can add on additional children for $25 each. Please ask if you have questions.

You can add on more cards for $2 a card and can purchase additional portraits from my a la carte pricing.

{Website Down}

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My website is down today for a little bit…hope to be up later today.  You can still find me on face book.  Still down…